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President and Chairman Joshua Reichek
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Database Programmer and overall computer person par excellence Elizabeth
Bookkeeper Ms. Baker


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This website was designed visually and graphically by Samuel Addison using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator on a Mac with the collaboration of Phyllis Greenwood. The majority of the text was written by Phyllis Greenwood with some written by Joshua Reichek. Editorial was provided by Joshua Reichek and Elizabeth Baker. The website was technically designed and built by Elizabeth Baker with technical and visual design collaboration by Joshua Reichek using Dreamweaver 4.0 on PC with some minor development using FrontPage2000 on PC.
Initial digital photography was provided by Samuel Addison; subsequent digital photography was provided by Joshua Reichek using a Sony MVC-PD97. The photographs were taken at 1024 x 768 and 640 x 480. Graphic elements were created by Elizabeth Baker and photo touchup by Joshua Reichek using Adobe ImageReady and Photoshop. Project Development was provided by Phyllis Greenwood and Joshua Reichek. Project Management was provided by Joshua Reichek.
Many, many thanks to Julie Hallstrom at Macromedia for invaluable, professional, and good-natured tech support.

Any errors or omissions in this site are entirely our fault, though inadvertent,
and, being human, we certainly have made (and will continue to make) our share of them.


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